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Real World Lessons from Microservices

Adapter and Worker Nodes.png

Daniel will be presenting for the Atlanta Java Users Group (AJUG) on Real World Lessons from Microservices.

Microservices are all the latest rage but are they right for your particular project and organization? What are some of the benefits and challenges you face when using this pattern? How do tools like Kubernetes, queues, and smart routers enable various solutions, and what tradeoffs do they expose? Recent articles make it sound like your only choices are to either use Microservices or monoliths, we’re here to take a more nuanced look at a range of pragmatic architectures.

We’ll look at the advantages, disadvantages, and implementation challenges of each architecture. We’ll talk about cases where these techniques have been used on real world projects. Remember: every software architecture has its tradeoffs, and if someone tells you any different then they are probably trying to sell you something.

Daniel Glauser has been developing software for the past twenty years. In that time he’s seen many projects succeed and many fail and would like to share some of those experiences with you. Daniel hails from Denver, Colorado where he serves as the cofounder of Cambium Consulting. Cambium is a boutique consulting firm specializing in big data, business systems, and functional programming.