Daniel Glauser

coFOUNDER/principal Consultant

Daniel has spent over two decades in the software industry. He’s worked on a myriad of projects ranging from large scale distributed systems spanning hundreds of systems in EC2, to a digital school with an adjustable assessment engine, to large scale lab management software. He’s written lexers, parsers, and an internal DSL for testing media based hardware. Daniel has worked for large companies like NBC-Universal, Comcast, BellSouth, and VMWare, as well as startups like RoundBox Media, Sonian, and SnuggHome. He brings a wealth of relevant experience to Cambium, as well as a pragmatic approach to solving problems. Daniel loves teaching and currently serves as a mentor for the Turing School of Software Design.

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Ian Truslove

CoFounder/principal Consultant

Ian has enjoyed solving problems and building things using computers for as long as Daniel has. He doesn't like writing bios, but does like building large scale databases and distributed processing architectures, writing code in Clojure and Python, and shipping new products that people love to use.


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John Unruh

Principal Consultant

John started his career at Bell Labs where he was a developer for a database system, and two real-time switching systems. He was then a project manager specializing in large, complex projects and a technical manager for architecture and system requirements, after which he owned and managed a printing and marketing support firm. Recently, he has been developing applications in Clojure and ClojureScript.