The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is one of the most trusted platforms for application development, especially for banking and financial transactions. That's because it is stable for long running processes, has good support for large decimal numbers, and there are tons of libraries build to work on it. Clojure is a next generation language that is built on top of the JVM, so Clojure programs can make use of its full power.


Apple uses Clojure for processing payments in iTunes, on the order of 10's of billions of dollars per year. It's the weapon of choice at DWR Trading. Every item bought at Walmart goes through Clojure services. Two of our clients, BlueMoon Analytics and SOS Capital make heavy use of Clojure for their financial applications. Amazon, Capital One, Funding Circle, NuBank, Dean Capital Investments, the list goes on and on.


We have experience writing financial solvers, payment gateways, large scale distributed systems, and security and compliance software. We've been keeping investments safe for a long time and would love to put together some solutions for you.