Elasticsearch Performance Basics Made Easy

How do you build a fast, reliable Elasticsearch cluster? Use a recent version. Get your topology basics right: 2n+1 master nodes. Use standalone, master, data, query and ingest nodes appropriately. Use available RAM wisely. Disable or minimize swapping. Use an appropriate number of shards (hint: 1 is probably a good default).

We have a new tool to run (most of) these checks for you: www.elasticsearchmadeeasy.com

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How to Win at Machine Learning

What does any CTO, tech architect, or product owner need to know in order to make their first machine learning project a success? Realistic expectations, a sound and methodical approach, enough time and resources to complete the project, plus some key skills in your team.

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Parallelizing A ClojureScript Test Suite, Part 1: The Guts of cljs.test

This is the first article in a series, describing an opt-in method to add parallel execution to an existing CLJS test suite. This article explains the general approach for adding parallelism with a minimum of fuss to our Clojurescript tests, takes a tour of cljs.test internals, and digs into some of the key abstractions we will extend in future articles to complete our "holy grail" of parallelized CLJS unit tests.

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