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Big Data and AI

Customers access your websites. Users enjoy your applications. Thousands of emails fly by. We’re surrounded by data, yet how much of it does your organization use to inform your decisions? What actionable insights could you glean from your data if you only knew how to find them? We’re experts with data analytics, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and AI. We’ll help you to figure out the most appropriate solution for your needs.

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Clojure and Clojurescript

We’ve been using Clojure in production projects for the past six years and love it. Clojure is used in mission critical projects from iTunes payment processing to strategic initiatives in Walmart’s payment processing pipeline. By focusing on powerful tools like Clojure and ClojureScript we are able to deliver quality software faster than our competitors.

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From tools to allow underwriters to evaluate small business loan applications faster and more precisely, to web based software that can run financial models of aircraft lease opportunities covering billions of dollars, we know financial technology. We’re happy to take your Excel models and make them full featured applications that are available on both the web and mobile devices.

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Business & Technology

We love technology, but we realize that it’s a means to an end: a successful business. Our mission is to help you develop amazing products and services that your customers love, to guide you to the best technology choices for your business, and to maximize your return on investment.


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