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CTO Consulting

Perhaps you're just getting started, and you need to learn the nuts and bolts of how to prototype and build a software product fast. Maybe you have an app up and running, but you don't know how to direct your tech team to get better results. Are you faced with a technical choice that has serious financial and revenue consequences, but you need some informed advice to make the best decision for your business?

You can rely on our experience and expertise to help guide you through these difficult situations. Our "CTO Consulting" services will bridge the gap between where your business needs to be, and where your tech is now. No jargon, no fuss, just straight talk. Arrange a free, no obligation consultation and we'll discuss how we can help.

Custom Software Development

As every tech CEO or Engineering Director knows, it’s difficult to build software. Good developers are hard to find. Contractors write code. We deliver products.

We have spent decades designing and building mission-critical software for some of the world’s largest cable and telecom companies, the scientific community, and major media companies. We’ve worked on systems that deployed software to hundreds of nodes in the Amazon Cloud, analyzed the text of millions of documents, and have helped children reach a new levels in school.

There isn’t a one size-fits-all solution to consulting. When you engage with us you get a custom solution that meets your needs.

Product Development

Is your product underperforming in the market? Are you having trouble distilling the essence of your great idea down to a minimum viable product? Unsure whether to build or buy new technology? Do you want to increase sales, expand your reach through marketing, and boost customer satisfaction?

The largest factor in the success or failure of a company is product direction. We help your products succeed by working closely with you, listening to your needs and concerns, helping with market research, user testing, concept validation, and prototyping.

We provide an outside point of view to help you refine and develop your ideas. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Test and Deployment Automation

Are you using the correct modern software engineering techniques to develop secure, reliable, maintainable products? Are you spending hours manually testing your app before you trust it enough to release it to your customers? Is doing a release as simple as clicking a button?

Software can be complicated and it can be hard to find out what the best practices are. For example, if you aren't using continuous integration or test automation, you're spending your time and money doing things you just don't have to do.

We can help you save time and money, increase your confidence in your software, and give your developers an easier time. Click to arrange a consultation, and we can explain the nuts and bolts.

Our mission

Our mission

We love technology, but we realize that it's a means to an end: successful businesses. Our mission is to help you develop amazing products and services that your customers love, to guide you to the best technology choices for your business, and to maximize your return on investment.

Technical Specialization

  • Expertise in technical leadership and software development.
  • Building quality technology teams.
  • Software development in JavaScript, Clojure, Java, Ruby, and PHP.
  • Mentoring and teaching, we'll make your existing teams better.
  • Development of web apps, web services APIs, distributed data processing systems and scalable application architectures.
  • System deployment strategies on Amazon AWS, Linux servers, and using Docker containers.
  • Database design and data engineering expertise with datastores including Elasticsearch, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.
  • Debugging, monitoring, alerting, application analytics, profiling, failure analysis.
  • System engineering and devops: continuous integration, continuous delivery, automated acceptance testing, cluster management, application packaging and deployment.
  • Automated testing for web apps, mobile apps, and APIs.

Do you need to develop a tech product but don't know how?
Does releasing the latest version of your code make you feel worried instead of excited?
Does it take too long to build and release new features for your app?

We can help.